Human Resources
tailored to fit the world
of small business

HR Management for Small Business (HRMSB) can assist your company in navigating the maze of employment laws, compliance issues, and people management. We deliver solutions to everything from your daily HR administrative needs to mitigating your company’s legal and financial HR risks. HRMSB has specific expertise in employment law, legal compliance, and employee relations, with 25 years of HR experience successfully handling intricate employment issues. We offer our consulting services to small to medium businesses that may not have an HR department, or whose HR professionals need specific outside HR expertise at times.

In addition to saving you precious time that you could be spending growing your business, HRMSB’s consulting fees can be a fraction of the cost of adding headcount to your HR staff, or the cost of defense fees for even a frivolous employee lawsuit, saving you money that can go right to your bottom line.

One-Minute HR Legal Compliance Quiz

Q: Is your company in compliance with the major federal employment laws which apply to nearly all employers?

Q: Within the first two years after President Obama took office in 2009 there were at least 30 changes and additions to employment legislation. Within recent years there have been many more, including the mandates of the Affordable Care Act, immigration reform, legalization of marijuana, social media regulations, overturning of same-sex marriage bans, and mandated paid sick and domestic violence leave, to name just a few. Are you aware of their impact on your company?

Q: Did you know that nearly all states and many municipalities have fair employment laws even more comprehensive than some federal laws?

Q: Are you aware your company should provide mandated employee training and what the risks are if you do not?

Q: Has your organization had either an internal or third party audit of your employment policies and practices within the last two years? Are you aware the DOL now seeks to require such audits?

HR Consulting Services Include:

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