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“Upon Joal’s commencement with Guidance Residential, she had inherited an HR department with flaws and shortcomings. In a very short amount of time, Joal organized the HR department and created an excellent atmosphere where internally and externally employees felt very comfortable discussing work related matters. I personally had met with Joal and on several occasions she provided me with the most honest and unbiased advice which adhered to the highest ethical, legal and professional standards! Joal was a strong pillar in Guidance and ensured that everyone and everything was met with the highest ethical, legal and professional standards! I wish Joal all the success and am very sure she has a great professional future!”
, Baker Tamory, formerly Production Operations Manager, Guidance Residential, LLC
“When I was hired by ATR, as Finance Director, one of my responsibilities was to update the Employee Handbook which had not been updated for about ten years. Given my background, I knew that I had to look for a competent service that would manage the process from beginning to end. Joal (Gramling) made the process extremely smooth, fast and easy, with an excellent flow of communication. Our Employee Handbook was updated and compliant before we knew it. She also provided Harassment training for employees and managers, being a valuable service for compliance. I highly recommend Joal for Human Resources consulting, as she keeps updated with the law and state-of-the-art technology.”
, M. Smilie, formerly Director of Finance & Administration, ATR North America, Inc
“Joal is a true gem in this industry. Not only does she have extensive knowledge across multiple disciplines of HR, but the people skills to work with every level of employment within a company. I consider it rare to excel at both and she does. Several years after working for the Centex Homes Corporation together, we still collaborate often to maintain our professional knowledge for application to our current work environments. She continues to be an invaluable resource in so many ways.”  
, Luzette Batu, formerly Human Resources, Time Warner Cable